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Wave Collection for The Refined Workshop

A remarkable collection of limited-edition collectible works in stone exclusively designed by Tollgard for The Refined Workshop.

GRAVITY. A defiant force of nature, driving objects of mass together. This natural phenomenon serves as the inspiration behind Tollgard’s first collection of functional sculpture for The Refined Workshop. Exploring the gravitational attraction of objects around us, designers Staffan Tollgård and Filippo Castellani were moved to reinterpret convention and push the limits of material traditions.

A juxtaposition of soft curves and inherent strength, The Wave Collection highlights the importance of every surface within a design. These masterpieces bring intrigue to an otherwise overlooked surface – the underside of the tabletop – and are as much about what is absent as what is present. Seamlessly slotting together, the top gently rests on a graduated elliptical base. This collection achieves extraordinary complexity with apparent simplicity.

“Masters of their craft are always a joy to work with. The Refined Workshop combined engineering and artistry and it was a pleasure and a privilege to bring the Wave Collection to life with them. They have taken our mantra of making the impossible, possible effortlessly into their stride.”

Staffan Tollgård, Founder & Creative Director

To explore the collection, please visit the Tollgard Chelsea showroom.