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Tollgard Chelsea

A contemporary design destination comes to life. For this deeply personal project, the studio worked to create a pared-back and beautiful gallery space for the Tollgard Chelsea showroom.

The red thread was clear from the beginning and every decision was rooted in the philosophy that great design deserves to be seen. Building a soft canvas of neutrals was the starting point with Senso’s resin floors and wall finishing. Onto this canvas, we painted a scene of captivating works of art and craft.

Each piece in this gallery of design would be enriched with narrative whilst offering a perfect balance of form and function. Refined and elegant choices like the Meridiani Rene sofa were perfectly complemented by the striking metallic Tracing Venice tableaus, conceived by Zanellato/Bortotto and created by metal couturiers De Castelli.

In tandem, functional and industrial makers like Vipp with their V1 kitchen found company in the arms of subtle and serene craftsmen like Van Rossum. By blending the soft with the sophisticated, the cool with the warm, we built a kitchen area that would captivate.

Illumination would prove to be another key ingredient as we brought together luminaries from around the globe. Gabriel Scott and Man of Parts offered structural glow with their intricate detail and original designs. Lladro’s Embraced and Guest Sculptures added a final touch of fun, appearing across the showroom.