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Canary Wharf

A creative, collaborative and culinary client

An apartment with breath-taking views and a fresh, vibrant brief: this was a little green gem of a project.  

The architectural vision of the Wardian building established the decidedly green thread that runs through our design. Based on the ‘Wardian case’: the glass boxes that botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Wardian invented in the 19th century, the atrium of the building showcases an immense greenhouse, setting the scene for the interior architecture of each apartment.  

We took inspiration from this natural focus and used tactile, natural materials and a rich colour palette to balance the incredible external views. Starting with the entrance we added wallpaper from Elitis as a counterbalance to the cityscape beyond.  The curvaceous Lema chairs and sculptural dining table from Cattelan Italia create a moody, inviting dining space in this open-plan living scape.  

The hero of the living room is the tactile seating composition from Moroso, the rich green velvet drawn from the green accents established in the kitchen units. A modular wall unit combines decoration and storage, while the Frame TV is relegated to the corner of the room, tucked into the wings of the embroidered wave curtain.  

In the master bedroom we commissioned a custom-made headboard to add some drama.  The use of Vibia’s Palma lights, the textured wood of the headboard and the hand-made bedding and cushions help to ground this room, despite its sky-high setting.  

Photography by the talented and patient Richard Gooding … on a very sunny day!