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Downtown New York

We were delighted to be asked by long-standing design clients to collaborate on their new home … especially when we learned that they were moving to New York. It’s one of those places that Monique and I have always dreamed of working in, and we jumped at the opportunity to bring the Red Thread to the Big Apple.

We introduced the clients to New York based architect & designer Wayman Robertson to lead the project, and together we brought our knowledge of the clients’ lifestyle and questions of living to this decidedly New York space.  Located in Downtown New York, the apartment needed a wholesale space-planning and interior revamp.  Wayman did the heavy lifting and we consulted at key points (would he call it back-seat driving?) as he set about reconfiguring the new bathroom, kitchen and joinery throughout their new US home.

Using some of their existing pieces that we curated for their London home, we added new pieces of furniture to complete the transformation. The result: an apartment with a distinctly New York energy and an European soul.