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Tillow by Tollgard & Castellani

A new chapter with Porada

Award-winning design duo Tollgård & Castellani expand their collaboration with Italian makers, Porada,
with a new collection. Tillow is a table that questions material tradition with its contemporary yet playful form. The root of this design lies in the solidity and branching structure of the table base. Upon this foundation, designers Staffan Tollgård and Filippo Castellani were able to experiment with scale, size and texture. Carved in Canaletto walnut, its three branches balance a smooth and rounded top.

“Tillow comes from the Middle English telgian meaning to put forth branches. Our innate biophilic tendencies draw us to organic forms that as humans we used to be closer to. Tillow was an opportunity to work with the balance, harmony and suggestion of new growth and life that the bases inspired” says Filippo Castellani.

“Tillow shares the philosophy of Lagom, a very Swedish concept where balance is key – never is there too much or too little,” says Staffan Tollgård. “This marriage of materials feels considered without feeling cluttered.”

Tillow explores this equilibrium within the realm of functional sculpture. Three legs, three sizes and three materials reveal endless design opportunities.

Discover these future heirlooms in person at Porada’s London showroom.